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Core Conundrum: Learn why We’re Ditching Crunches for Alternative Core Exercises

benefits of core workouts benefits of strength training core workouts deep core muscles deep core workouts ditch crunches Apr 04, 2024

Two weeks I talked to you about the benefits of building your deep core muscles. As your go-to fitness guru, you know it's my mission to empower you with the knowledge to sculpt your strongest, healthiest body yet, but more importantly, I always want you to understand why. So now that you have that, let’s talk about why we’re kicking traditional crunches to the curb and embracing alternative methods of approaching core strength.

Sure, crunches have long been hailed as the golden ticket to chiseled abs. We were first taught how to get abs from our gym classes in school by doing crunches! But let's face it — not without their drawbacks. Fast forward to 20-30 years the more some people did crunches the more their lower back or neck hurt. Studies have shown that repetitive crunching motions can strain the neck and spine excessively, leading to discomfort and potential injury over time. Plus, they only target a small portion of your core muscles, leaving other crucial areas neglected. 

So, what's the alternative? I’m sure a few come to mind such as planks, Russian twists, mountain climbers, and stability ball rollouts – just to name a few. These dynamic movements not only strengthen your abs but also work your back, hips, and shoulders, promoting overall stability and balance without the strain! But wait, there's more! 

My top 5 personal favorites are:

  1. Deadbugs
  2. Side Planks 
  3. Wood Chops
  4. Shoulder Taps
  5. Farmer’s Walks

No matter what you choose, by incorporating functional core exercises into your routine, you're not just building a six-pack – you're enhancing your performance in everyday activities and reducing your risk of injury. Whether you're lifting groceries, chasing after your kids, or crushing it on the pickleball court, a strong core is the foundation of it all. 

This week launched my 30 day CORE challenge so now is the perfect time to give it a try! You’ll have a variety of 15-minute workouts that you can do right on the Training with T App that not only spare your spine but also engage multiple muscle groups for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. By diversifying your exercises and focusing on functional movements, you'll avoid the pitfalls of traditional crunches while unlocking a whole new level of strength and stability. So, what are you waiting for? Let's redefine what it means to have a rock-solid core – ten minutes at a time!


Coach Tatiana

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