Hello, I'm Tatiana Lampa.


I'm from Queens, NY and I've been physically active my entire life. My love for sports grew in high school when I played volleyball and committed to cheerleading and dance in college. I graduated with a degree in Nutrition and Exercise Sciences where I instantly fell in love with how the body functions. With a background with NYC group fitness, I absolutely love coaching people. I've taken my business onto the online space where I am able to connect with more people across the world.

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I've never been that person who enjoyed sitting around. I always wanted to move my body. I thought movement is medicine at such a young age. Fast forward to now, that's my motto. As a corrective exercise specialist, my goal is to get people MOVING BETTER and feeling stronger. I've spent years hearing clients complain about multiple injuries and how it's been holding them back. I created my signature online program MOVE BETTER to help people go from pain and discomfort to aligned and strong.


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Strength Training Based

Looking to transform your body? You will maximize your time with strength training while getting real results. Let's burn fat and get stronger together.

A peek inside my new training program

My brand new training program has just launched MOVE BETTER SPRINT. This is a shorter version of my signature 12 week MOVE BETTER program. 

Let’s get moving and stay motivated!

Finding a workout routine that excites you is the best place to start. Consistency is key when looking for real results. Be sure to join the TWT APP Facebook group to stay accountable.

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