An 8 week program to help you move without pain so you can enjoy working out again.



You will learn the basic fundamentals of movement, how to properly execute an exercise without feeling stressed about if you're doing it right, and gain the confidence you've been searching for!



You want to take a fitness class without feeling like you may get hurt.

You've been feeling intimated to take a fitness class because you're scared you may get hurt again. 

You gained weight from your injury and you're tired of using back pain as an excuse.

You've spent endless days thinking about how your injury has delayed you from your goals.

You know if you don't do something now it will get worse.

You want to be proactive about your back pain. You want to start feeling better and participating in daily activities without pain

MOVE BETTER SPRINT is for you if...

You've been taking random classes..

and not getting the results you want. You feel like you're wasting your time but don't know what else to do.

You are scared about pulling your back out again..

You never want this to happen again, that's why you stopped working out. But you've gained weight and don't feel like yourself anymore.

You were told bed rest is the answer.

Resting will be helpful for a short time period. But you must address the issues so you can prevent future injuries with strength train.


You're tired of making back pain the constant excuse for not participating in daily activities.

You want to workout with worrying about triggering your back pain.

You are ready to get real results and feel comfortable in your own skin!


What do you get?

+ 4 workouts a week (this can be done at the luxury of your home)

+ group calls (this will be your chance to ask me any questions)

+ nutrition & healthy recipes from Registered Dietitian and gut health specialist Stephanie Sarra.

+ private Facebook group where we come together as a community


Lisa S.

"Move better has set me up with a foundation & game me back my confidence with exercising the correct way! Form is everything! Thank you Coach T for helping me rebuild my foundation, for taking me from being in pain and scared in the gym to strong with minimal pain!"

Emily M.

"Tatiana guides you and gives you tips on how to improve your form. As a runner, I was never great at strength training and Training with T taught me how to strength train and incorporate it into my routine. I am able to use 30 lbs dumbbells and feel stronger ever than before."

Stacy K.

"I'm feeling super healthy and strong! Not to mention my back pain has dramatically subsided since first beginning the program. I would absolutely recommend Move Better to anyone who really needs and wants the motivation to achieve all their fitness and health goals!"

Kelly P.

"Move Better has helped me tremendously navigate through new movements supporting my body post back surgery. I have enjoyed the additional resources she has included in the program supporting nutrition, mental health, proper stretching and foam rolling."

Debbie O.

"She understands that we are all on different fitness levels and she pushes you to achieve your best possible results. My biggest success was no more lower back pain! Tatiana helped me correct my movements and built up my weak areas of my body."

Jessica K.

"This program has literally changed my life, and I know I could not have had the success I’ve had so far without Tatiana and her guidance.  I am now much more comfortable in my body, healthier, and happier. I have found strength that I did not know I possessed"



For 8 weeks ($112 a week)

  • 4 workouts a week
  • intro and check in coaching call
  • nutrition & healthy recipes
  • private Facebook group
  • lifetime access



for 2 months

  • 4 workouts a week
  • intro and check in coaching call
  • coaching call
  • nutrition & healthy recipes
  • private Facebook group
  • lifetime access
I'm ready to MOVE BETTER


You are officially done with back pain and want to start feeling better. This is your time to prioritize yourself and your health!

Claim your spot!