Your 30 day RESET Guide

Transform your mind, body and habits. This is going to be an intense 30 days but extremely rewarding when fully completed. We will be stepping away from alcohol and processed sugars and stepping into exercise and healthy habits.


30 day reset

We step away from alcohol, processed sugar and prioritize bettering our wellbeing the next 30 days to turn it into better habits for the future.

No gym required

This can be done at all the luxury of your own home. Get your dumbbells, mini bands and stepper ready because we are definitely putting the work in!

Constant cheerleaders

The next 30 days our private FB group will be our center for accountability and community. We are all in this together, let's continue to support each other!

Here's your guide:

1. No alcohol and processed sugar.

  • We will be stepping away from alcohol
  • Staying away from processed sugars like ice cream, pastries and candies.
  • Focus on natural sugar foods like fruits and vegetables
  • Download the app "Myfitnesspal" or "Loseit" to track your food and sugar to best understand.
  • Recommended added sugar - men: 36g and women: 24g

2. Consume recommended water intake

Every day focus on your water intake. Please calculate how much water is recommended for you and aim to have it every day.

3. Workout for an hour every day

  • Follow the 30 day RESET section on the Training with T App
  • We made it super easy for you to follow the schedule
  • Sundays after week 1 will be your low impact and stretch day.

4. Complete 10,000 steps

Every day focus on completed 10,000 steps. If you have an Apple Watch or any kind of wrist device it will be easier to track. If you don't, no worries your phone has it in the "health" section where you will see all your steps.

  • If you have nice weather near you: go outside and complete your steps
  • If you're somewhere colder: opt to walk in your indoor mall or go outside for a little bit!

5. Journal for 5 minutes

All you need is 5 minutes out of your day! This can be at the beginning or end of your day. Whatever works for you

If you're ever feeling stuck, start your page like this:

  • Today I feel like...
  • I am grateful for...
  • Right now I feel...

If this is your first time journaling and need more guidance. Check out the "5 minute journal"

6. Meditate in the morning

I'm not asking for an elaborate meditation if you are pressed for time. But I am asking you to take some time out of your day whether its 5 minutes or 15 minutes. Slow down a bit before you take on your day.

Once you are in the Training with T's team FB group, I will be sharing our mindset coach Erin Barry's recordings.

You can also download the apps:

  • Calm
  • Headspace

7. Take a full body photo of yourself

You'll be required to take a photo of yourself every day before you workout. Be sure to not wear baggy clothes like a sweatshirt and sweat pants when taking your photo.


This will be a 30 day photo transformation. We will see how you physically look at the end of this month.

Are you in?

Be sure to be on the Training with T App to have full access to the challenge! In our private FB group "Training with T's team" you will find in depth info on the challenge, support and community to push you through!