Are you ready for the 30 day RESET?

Transform your mind, body and habits for the next 30 days. We will be stepping away from alcohol and processed sugars and stepping into exercise and healthy habits.


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30 day reset

We step away from alcohol, processed sugar and prioritize bettering our wellbeing the next 30 days to turn it into better habits for the future.

No gym required

All workouts can be done from the comfort of your own home or the luxury of your own gym. Get your dumbbells, mini bands and stepper ready.

Constant Cheerleaders

The next 30 days our private FB group will be our center for accountability and community. We are all in this together, let's continue to support each other!

Here's everything you need to know every day:

+ no alcohol and processed sugars

+ consume 2-4 L of water depending on your body

+ work out an hour on the TWT APP

+ complete 10,000 steps

+ journal for 5 minutes

+ meditate in the morning

+ take a full body photo of yourself

Your 30 day RESET GUIDE

Why the reset?

After officially closing 2022, you've been feeling like you needed a reset. A community that's there to support you and understand your journey. 


After 30 days you'll have a clearer mind that can guide you through this upcoming year of 2023. You'll feel incredible and accomplished within yourself!

Enter to win the prizes:

1st place: $200 off Move Better Sprint & 30 min. coaching call with me

2nd place: Hyperice Hypervolt Go 2


Get the chance to win!

+ take before & after photos and send to [email protected]

+ post the most and tag @training_with_t @trainingwithtapp

+ extra points for being active in the private FB group!









Frequently Asked Questions

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To have access to the 30 day challenge you must be signed up on the Training with T App!