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Minimal equipment

All you need is a medium set of weights.

Workouts that fit your schedule

3 days a week for 3 weeks. 45 minutes a day.

Real transformations

Hard work, consistency & support is all you need.

All the info you need

  • 3 workouts a week
  • 45 minutes a day
  • medium set of weights
  • community support via FB & private IG group
  • take your before & after photos to see your transformation!

How you can enter to win:

$50 lululemon gift card & virtual personal training session with me

  • Post on your social media after you've completed your workouts
  • Tag @training_with_t and @trainingwithtapp
  • Take your before and after photos. Send to [email protected] to be featured!

Ana A.

Loving the app! Effective, varied, strength, mobility, endurance-focused workouts, modifications for every level, easy to fit in your day, with or without equipment. Fully recommend!

Chelsea L.

"The TWT app has totally transformed my workout routine! The app makes it so simple with easy to follow workouts and modifications for all levels. I always find it easy to motivate myself to workout!"

Stephanie S.

"Tatiana explains clearly how to do each workout in the beginning & then shows modified versions which is perfect for beginners or those with injuries. I highly recommend!"


Are you up for the 3 week challenge all at the luxury of your own home? Minimal equipment, just high energy!

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