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Looking for a reset after your splendid summer?

This challenge is perfect for you!


Build healthy habits as we complete a 14 day mini reset after summer 2023!



Develop confidence and achieve your goals with the guidance of coach Tatiana and the Training with T community.



Your daily habit checklist

45 minute workout on the Training with T App

Complete 10,000 steps a day

No alcohol or added sugar

Prioritize drinking water


You’re just a few steps away from a happier and more fulfilled life. Join today and let's get moving!

Results Driven


You are what you repeatedly do every day. Excellence is not an act, it's a habit.


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Hear from our growing community
"The TWT app has totally transformed my workout routine! The app makes it so simple with easy to follow workouts and modifications for all levels. I always find it easy to motivate myself to workout!"

-Chelsea G.

"Loving the app! Effective, varied, strength, mobility, endurance-focused workouts, modifications for every level, easy to fit in your day, with or without equipment. Fully recommend!"

-Ana A.

"Tatiana explains clearly how to do each workout in the beginning & then shows modified versions which is perfect for beginners or those with injuries. I highly recommend!"

-Stephanie B.

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