"Training with Tatiana is amazing. She has faith in me and pushes me to surpass what I think my own body is capable of. She challenges me and keeps me focused. Because of her I am feeling better, stronger and more confident than I have in my entire life."

-- Katy Monte

"Every session you push me harder to achieve my goal and help me get stronger. I'm addicted and you truly are an inspiration to me! Thank you for helping me with my progress so far!"

-- Kathie Mika

"Tatiana is a great motivator and in such a short time has become innovative and really understands her clients needs, strengths and weaknesses. She can tailor workouts around individual goals, albeit training for a competition or individual aspirations. I am grateful for crossing paths with "T" and highly recommend here." -- Frank Manganella

"Tatiana is extremely hard working and focused and she inspires me and all her clients to do the same.  Her challenging workouts combined with her enthusiasm and energy, make for one of the best personal training experiences you'll ever find.  I always look forward to my Monday nights because I know I'm starting off the week with a tough workout, but having fun at the same time.  She is also an amazing group fitness instructor, and I always enjoy attending her classes, whether it be SLT or Team Training. Everyone in her classes is just as passionate about fitness as she is and it makes for a great atmosphere.  I'm happy with the improvements in my fitness level since I have been training with her and continue to stay as motivated as I've ever been.  For anyone that is looking to take their fitness to the next level, it's time to start Training with T. "
-- Nelson Chu

"There aren’t enough words to describe how much I love training with T! It’s not easy to find a workout that pushes you to your limits and leaves you feeling sore, while at the same time being a workout you can look forward to enjoy -- and that’s exactly what training with T is all about.  I’ve been training with T since March, had have grown to become much stronger and focused on health and fitness as a result.  It’s not just about the work that I’ve been doing with T during my sessions that has made a difference. T encourages her clients to make healthy choices and put in the work outside of her sessions in order to achieve the best results, and she doesn’t make living a healthy lifestyle seem hard – she makes it seem fun and totally doable! That’s the type of motivation that clients get from training with T. I couldn’t imagine a better motivator, friend and trainer. She’s the best and I highly recommend training with T to anyone who is looking to really jump start and maintain their goals. Whether it’s losing that extra weight, toning up or pushing yourself to new limits.  I look forward to continuing to train with T to keep seeing and feeling great results!!!"
-- Emily Claffey

Tatiana's passion for fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle is evident during my personal training sessions with her.  My fitness level has improved since I started working with her. She's a great motivator, and she has pushed me to be better physically. I am grateful for her coaching and expertise, and I look forward to improving further with her guidance.  
-- Denise Guce

"I found Tatiana on my own and I'm so glad i did! Since i've been working with her - she's been a positive influence. She always has a great, upbeat attitude about working out and life in general. She's a trainer who knows the body well, sets realistic goals and pushes you when needed. She is extremely professional (no slacking allowed) and punctual! :)"
-- Tracy Huang

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. Training with Tatiana is the perfect definition of a leader. Thank you for showing me that there is a light at every tunnel. 

-- Megan Cooley


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