The best is yet to come.

I'm always so excited to see my client's transformation. A lot of people will say, "I don't feel like I lost weight" or "why isn't my number on the scale drastically going down?" But once you line up your pictures next to each other you'll see that difference!

Michelle, is one of the most determined & strong clients I've had. It's important to know that she did not count calories, macros or go on a meal plan. But what she did do, was be mindful and realistic about her diet & her lifestyle. During this picture's transformation, there have been holidays, birthdays and vacations in between. I always encouraged Michelle to find her happy lifestyle - so yes, go enjoy yourself but when you come back you're back on your grind!

Next thing I do want to talk about is how I set up her exercise program. At the beginning, she started to trim down fast. Noticing that she is SO strong that she can start to lift heavy. Her body didn't react the way she wanted it to. She started feel/look like she was bulking. And that's okay! Some women are prone to bulking up, I personally think because of your childhood sports & physical activities can play a huge part. Therefore, we had to completely switch her program around. I had to listen to what she felt worked and what didn't. What to know why? Because only Michelle knows her body best.

Michelle trains with me once a week (body weight exercises), goes to SLT, Pilates, yoga & power dance class. I believe this is the best combo for her!

From left to right
June 9 - 128.4 lb
Sept 19 - 133.6 lb
October 6 - 131.6 lb

I’m so proud of Liz’s commitment to her fitness goal of getting stronger. 
We initially prepped for her wedding this past May, where she looked absolutely amazing!! After her wedding & honeymoon she jumped right back into her strength program.

June 9th - Post wedding & honeymoon
During the summer Liz was busy with other commitments and also got sick.
After the summer she was ready to get back on her grind!

October 6 weighing in at 131 lbs. As you can see her weight didn’t drop drastically from September to October but you can see the difference physically.

Sometimes we are so fixated on the number on the scale that we disregard on how we feel. Liz was never concerned about that number but on how she physically felt and how strong she was feeling. We mainly focused on strength training & she would cross train by going to SLT. I’m so proud of you Liz keep it going!

It's not always about losing weight & getting leaner. It's important to be able to move your body in the right way, to be able to increase your flexibility & decrease potential injuries or aches & pains. Here's a great picture of my client Nelson. He doesn't like to stretch like the majority of people. He started to complain about low back pain... Nelson works with both Stephanie Buendia and I. We completely flipped his exercise program. More "glute activation" exercises, less jumping & more strengthening & stretching.

Top picture: April 10th
Bottom picture: July 10th

In just 3 months Nelson's flexibility has increased. Look at his downward dog! His heels are getting closer to the floor therefore his hamstrings have loosened up, his spine has elongated and his shoulder blades are engaged. #PROUDTRAINER

Each session we end 15 minutes earlier to focus on stretching. Nelson has had no complaints about low back pain since.

Cathy is 65 years young and came to me because she wanted to lose weight. Cathy was incredibly determined to lose weight. Besides training with me she also does Tae Bo, cardio and stretches after. She was very conscious of what she was eating and made healthy choices. Cathy loves her wine, but learned to have it once in awhile during social events. I always give Cathy exercises that she would never think to do, but completes them with such high energy! At times, she even surprises herself! Cathy has gone on 4 vacations since she's been with me and still lost 10 pounds!! I’m so proud of Cathy!

Kathie is 34 years old and came to me to get stronger. Since September she lost 10 pounds! I see Kathie twice a week and split up her workouts by upper and lower body. I challenge Kathie every session that she comes to. She’s always striving for more and always pushing it to the limit! Words can’t describe how proud I am of Kathie with her determination to get stronger and better. She started off deadlifting 80# and now she has reached her high of 155# for 3 reps! Keep aiming high!

My client Frank, who is 26 years old celebrated his 3 months with me by completing the rower in 1 minute and 37 seconds for 500m in the beginning of the session!! It did NOT stop there. We've been working on his squat form from seated squats to band squats to pause squats and he completely blew me away with his form! I typically call it "the dancing knees" when the knees start to buckle in and out when you squat and he did NOT do that! Next up was deadlifts, and I think I got Frank addicted to them! Let's all welcome Frank to the #200 club!!! He did 3 reps for 200# as his new high. What a great way to end our session! For Frank's case it wasn't about the number on the scale, but more about how he can now fit into his old clothes better, feeling physically better and increase cardiovascular endurance. There were times when the scale number can be discouraging but every time I saw him, his face looked slimmer. I knew he was putting in the work, he would even WALK to the gym in the snow! I'm EXTREMELY proud of Frank's fitness journey. #proudtrainer. Frank is an actor and was in "Making of the Mob" on AMC so you can watch him in the previous season and hopefully in many other series!


Woody is a former army guy and retired cop, who served in Iraq and is 64 years young. #salute Woody has been training with me since May 2015. He started his exercise program while his kitchen was under construction; so microwaved food was his only option at home. Once his kitchen was done, his weight started to shed off. Woody become more conscious of what he was eating and came to the gym ready to sweat! I’m extremely proud of Woody as he lost 28 pounds so far! 

Marie is 68 years young and has been training with me since May 2015. She has lost weight in the abdominal area, got stronger and most importantly her balance improved greatly! She initially came to me because her physical therapist recommended her to get a trainer. Ever since she’s trained with me, she hasn’t complained about her previous low back or knee pains! We begin our session with balance exercises, which include single leg balance with a ball toss. We then move into full body strengthening exercises. I’m very proud of Marie’s improvement and outstanding performance!