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about me

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  • B.S. in Nutrition and Exercise Science
  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
  • SLT Instructor
  • State Management - NYC
  • Maddogg Athletics Spinning Certified
  • Red Cross CPR/AED Certified

Hey, I'm Tatiana! I've been physically active ever since I've been a child and it continues to inspire me to keep my body moving. I'm very passionate in spreading the importance of exercise and healthy choices. Your health is your wealth!

In high school I played volleyball, danced, cheered and did kickboxing. I believe my active lifestyle in high school influenced the rest of my life. In college I was apart of the CW Post cheerleading team and was captain my sophomore year. I transferred out of CW Post and attended Queens College. QC did not have a cheerleading team so I auditioned for the dance team. I fell right back in love with dance after taking a 2 year break from it. After being apart of two competitive college teams, I continue to stay in shape by weight & strength training, spinning, SLT, barre, and pilates.

My training style that work best for my clients are weight and strength training, HIIT and pilates-inspired moves. I've train clients from the age of 15 to 72 years old. I believe that your movement can determine your livelihood. I always enforce balance and core exercises to my clients. All my sessions will consist of at least one unilateral movement and plenty of core exercises. Exercises like single leg deadlifts and the deadbug are one of my favorites.

There was no question about it, fitness was my calling. Every day I am thankful to change people's lives in such a positive manner. 

When I'm not training my clients, you can find me working out almost anywhere, at photoshoots or eating tacos! 

Based in NYC, Queens & Long Island.